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About Me

I know the struggle of silently suffering under a perceived tough exterior. I have been through my fair share of life stressors. I have experienced loss and relationship issues as well as family dynamic struggles and personal self-growth. Yet, I worked to understand how healthy relationships are formed, how to clearly communicate my needs, and how to give and receive help.I have had to learn how to change the way I think in order to reach goals, such as changing careers and going back to school to make that happen.I am someone who believes in the power of a person’s ability to overcome life’s challenges and build the resiliency needed to live a happy fulfilled life, which all starts by learning how to reframe the negative thought patterns that have evolved over time.

Education & qualifications:

Bachelor or Art in Psychology - Athabasca University - Alberta

Master of Art in Counselling Psychology - Yorkville University - New Brunswick

Certification with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Direct billing provided for First Nations Health Authority clients with Status and ICBC clients who are eligible.

Reimbursement of fees provided by most insurance benefit providers with  counselling session receipt.

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